New York Workshop and Performance Dec 8

This #VR experience explores intimate partner abuse and healing. I will be playing shenai on a live version of my composition SkySwirl, the music that fades in once the healing has begun. Listen to SkySwirl here. We will have headsets, sanitizers, and hope to collect stories at this workshop/ performance event. Tickets are free but please reserve your space here

Bought/Broken VR is a virtual reality experience for those who have experienced intimate partner violence (IPV) and their allies. Create a sound sculpture built in VR. The virtual sculpture of once-broken objects – now beautifully bound together with streaks of gold – is both a personal journey and a collective one. Share your story.

Join artists Theresa Loong and Robbie Lynn Hunsinger from 7-8pm on Thursday December 8, in solidarity with NYC’s “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence” Campaign and the Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence

Event is free, RSVP recommended. Donations to Day One NY and Womankind suggested.

Update and Amazing article from Joe Nolan at Nashville’s Scene about Dec 3 SynthX4

” I just call her one of Nashville’s most important artists, and our best ambassador for more crossover at the edges of our city’s art and music scenes.” Joe Nolan Nashville Scene full article quote below

NEWS: The SynthX4 event was amazing! I had a packed crowd and the #playdoh #synth is a keeper! We made a circle circuit holding hands during the Playtime set and people jammed and danced to the #kinect visuals. It was a memorable afternoon and party and people are really liking this new synthx4 project. I am looking to do more tours with it. Please reach out if you know of a black box type venue!! I can’t thank Joe enough for this amazing and enthusiast shout out about the event and my work.

ARTICLE: “Local multimedia artist and musician Robbie Hunsinger wowed Nashville’s experimental music heads at Centennial Park’s Black Box Theater back in October. Her double bill with Tim Kaiser blended acoustic and electronic sounds in a program that combined ambient music, oboe expressions, creative coding, audio loops and live visuals. Hunsinger debuts a sequel performance to the Black Box show in the form of a new solo happening at Barbershop Theater this Saturday afternoon. SynthX4 includes contrasting audio synthesizer loops that feed video synthesizers to create live eye candy in response to the musical inputs. All these sounds and visuals free Hunsinger to add oboe, alto saxophone, clarinet and vocals, and the live acoustic improvisations are also layered with the synthesizer loops in real time. Hunsinger is planning an interactive “Playtime” segment of the show, allowing audience members to use Xbox Kinect to control her music-fueled visuals. The artist will also be available for a Q&A after the show to illuminate the secret alchemy of her live audio architecturing. 

If Hunsinger didn’t play her instruments so well, I’d simply call her a performance artist. But she’s plainly talented, deeply learned and wildly inventive in both her techniques and concepts. I just call her one of Nashville’s most important artists, and our best ambassador for more crossover at the edges of our city’s art and music scenes. SynthX4 makes contact at Barbershop Theater this Saturday at 3 p.m. There’s a $10 suggested donation.  “

Full article is here.

December 3, 3pm Nashville SynthX4 Plus Playtime

I am adding an interactive art component to this event using the same audio and video synthesizers. It is going to be a fun time! Here is a video from one of the synthx4 pieces. I used 2 #synthesizer tracks or each piece and feed them independtly into 2 sound reactive video generators / #videosyntesizers then I perform and loop on the top of that and mix everything in real time. This video is called Harp & Oboe. I hope you all have a great holiday this week and I will hope to see you that next weekend for this early Art Crawl event!
Facebook Event is here
Early Tickets are available here You can also pay cash or venmo at the door- $10 donation suggested

Video from Synth Show

The show went really well! This is the project I am playing in Chicago Oct 28. I created 4 pieces based on contrasting synth tracks- each generating video independently- than I mixed those in real time, added some effects and also layered up the music with voice and alto sax in this piece called Windmill.

At Nashville’s Black Box Theater in Centennial Park Oct 12 2022

Oct 12: Robbie Lynn Hunsinger/ Tim Kaiser Double Bill

Really excited about this show at the Centennial Performing Arts Studios. Tim is an electro-acoustic wizard and he creates the most beautiful and fascinating electro-acoustic instrument sculptures. He is making another national tour from Duluth and we are so happy he is coming back through Nashville. I am bringing a fresh set with some new sound and video toys including synths a three channel responsive video mix- and of course oboe! Hope to see you there! Tim’s website is here!

Chicago’s Val Leventhal show feature tomorrow morning!

I am very pleased to announce I am being featured on the Val Leventhal Show tomorrow – Sunday June 26 10-1145am with a live interview starting around 10:30am.

“This Sunday, 6/26/22, on The Val Leventhal Show, Val will rant on Acquisitiveness; very special guest Robbie Lynn Hunsinger, classical oboist turned multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, composer & creative technologist, as well as conservationist, to talk about her life in music, working outside the box, and more; stories on elections, social security, speed trap cameras, and more; music from Robbie Lynn Hunsinger and more.

The Val Leventhal Show airs live every Sunday morning 10-11:45am central on Que4 Radio (, iTunes and TuneIn radio (search for que4 at air time) and am 1680.”