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Trio concert Tuesday July 23 @ Proper Sake

For several months now, I have been playing with a wonderful pianist and improvisor Matt Endahl. It is so great to have someone to improvise with again. We are performing out for the first time with illustrious violinist, composer and pedal wizard Alicia Enstrom this Tuesday on Chris Davis award winning FMRL concert series. Details can be found at this link We play at 7pm, Ziona Riley follows us and Atlanta Trombone/Sax Duo Jeff Cromptom and Peter Sloan finish out the evening.

Eclipse concert excerpts online

Excited to have permission to use Ms. Dillard’s powerful text for my lyrics in Eclipse. Here is an excerpt from “Pre-Totality.” We are looking at maybe recording this later in the summer. Many thanks to chatterbird for the commission!