Next Creative Code 101 class
is an overview, Demo
and Introduction to Processing

Saturday January 25
2 - 3:30 pm

at the
Williamson County
Main Library

Computer Lab

This one is Free !


Register here to reserve your spot!

Main Library
1314 Columbia Ave
Franklin, TN 37064

(615) 595-1250 



Creative Code 101

for Makers, Musicians & Artists

A series of workshops for all ages which introduce two wonderful
free programs for use in interactive and multimedia art and sound:
Processing and Pure Data.

physical computing and hacked game controllers are introduced as well as
computer vision input and inter-aplication and interactive design.

Class Sizes limited to 12.

Next overview session is on Saturday
January 25 at the Williamson County Main Library 2-3:30.
it is free!

There will be computers available in the lab or you can bring your own
with Processing installed. Bring a jump drive to save your work if you
use a library machine and bring earbuds. webcams are alsoa lot of fun!

processing can be downloaded here:


Please see left sidebar for links and registration.


Click these links to find out more about the available classes or to sign up

Overview Session
interactive art demonstrations with Class Participation
and introduction to Processing framework and tools
for creating interactive art with custom code
1.5 hrs

session 1
Introduction to Processing and interactive art
3.5 hrs

session 2
use your images, video and sound with Processing
& Intro to Pure Data
3.5 hrs

Session 3
Beginning Arduino
contact me if interested in this one
the mail link is now working - sorry about my typo!
I'm looking for a date this month or early Feb


This workshop series is also available in a one session overview
with interactive demos for class participation and basic
principles and resources for getting started with custom code.

The materials can be targeted for musicians, visual artists or makers.

I have taught Creative Code workshops for the University of Tennessee's
Transmedia program, Create 2013 Tennessee Arts Commission's Conference for
Public School Teachers, Nashville's Maker Faire, NYU's ITP Camp, the Twister Conference, and at a handful of middle and High schools in the region.



Some footage from my
session at ITP Camp this
Summer at NYU.

We focused on using
the xbox kinect with Processing.